Europos čempionas 2017!

2017m. Kovo mėn. Danijoje vyko įvairių amžiaus grupių Europos klasikinės jėgos trikovės čempionatas. Jaunimo čempionu svorio kategorijoje iki 105 kg. tapo Jokūbas Stasiulis. Trikovėje jis surinko 765 kg. ir aplenkė visus varžovus. Jokūbas pritūpė su 270 kg. štanga ir taip iškovojo mažąjį sidabro medalį. Štangos spaudime jis buvo pats geriausias, išspaudė 200 kg. štangą ir iškovojo mažąjį aukso medalį, o štangos atkėlime jis įveikė 295 kg.

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2017m. birželio 19d. Jokūbas dalyvaus pasaulio trikovės čempionate, kuris vyks Baltarusijoje. (World Open, Sub-Junior, Junior & Master Classic Powerlifting Championships IPF, Minsk,Belarus)


About Me

I`m Jokubas Stasiulis, a 22 years old student, living in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius and studying Law and Customs Activities at Mykolas Romeris University. I started training powerlifting when I was 15 and still living in my home town Kursenai. Back then, I was a normal kid who did not have too much knowledge about powerlifting and saw it only as an after-school-hobby. I was just going to the local gym and lifting weights with friends for fun. After half a year of training, my first coach suggested me to compete in Lithuania´s Sub-junior Championships. I accepted the offer even though I did not take it too seriously. In 2011, I won the third place in Lithuania´s Powerlifting Sub-junior Championship and this is when I started thinking about my career. I realised that if I had managed to achieve such relatively good results in such a short period, then I could also start training for more serious competitions and taking care of my nutrition and supplementation. As a result, I started training 4-5 times a week, 2-4 hours a day and in 2013 I was third in the European Powerlifting Championships and second in the World´s Bench-press Championships. These two competitions were my last competitions in the sub-junior category.
In autumn of 2013, I started studying at Mykolas Romeris University. Thus, my training facility changed and my age group was different. I started competing as a junior and this category was quite tough for me. In 2014, I was eighth in European championship, in 2015 I was seventh and in 2016 I was eighth again. This lead me and my coach to a decision to compete only in the classic powerlifting, which is powerlifting without gear, or so-called RAW. After 2016 European Championship, which I considered a complete failure, we started training for the season of 2017. In 2017, we won the European Champioship´s junior 105kg weight class (765kg in total) and in this way, we won the whole competition with the 17.5kg lead.
Powerlifting played an important role in my life. My father left our family when I was five, so I did not have a male role figure while growing up. Later on, the gym taught me how to be a man, what it means to take responsibility for my own actions and the importance of discipline.